A car with one punctured tire depleted of air. Driving on a flat tire is unsafe and not recommended.

Flat Tire – Drive or Not to Drive?

A punctured tire can happen anywhere and to anyone. Often when one gets a punctured tire, they are nowhere near an auto repair shop, leaving one to wonder if they can drive with flat tires.

Almost every driver has had to deal with a punctured tire at least once while on the road. This occurrence has led many to ask, “can I drive on a flat tire’ even if it is long enough to get to a repair shop for a tire service? However, the road to the nearest auto shop is often long, which leads to another question: how long can you drive on a flat tire? 

No matter the situation, it is highly recommended to restrain from driving a car with such a tire.

This article will discuss whether or not you should drive on a punctured tire, how to prevent flat tires and how to fix flat tires. 

Can You Drive on A Flat Tire – The Dangers of Driving Punctured Cars

How bad is driving on a flat tire?

Driving your car on a flat tire is not safe for you, your passengers, or pedestrians. Vehicles with flat tires can cause serious road accidents. You might be wondering if driving on a damaged tire ruins the tire?”

The answer is yes. You damage your car and the wheel when you drive your car on a flat tire. This leads to poor handling and control, which increases the likelihood of causing an accident. 

How Far Can You Drive on A Flat Tire – Emergency Scenario for Drivers

Only run flat tires should be driven on with no air as this type of tyres is specifically designed to remain functional with zero air pressure. This means that if you get a flat tire, you can continue driving for about 50 miles, which should be enough to get you to the auto shop or garage.

A complete burst tire on the road. The dangers of driving on a flat tire include damaged rims.

Avoid Flat tire on Highway Roads 

Keep Tires Inflated

Keeping your tires inflated with the right air pressure is one of the best ways to ensure you won’t have to ask the above questions like “what happens if you drive on a flat tire?” To reduce the chances of cracked tires while driving your car, keep your tire pressure between 32 - 35 psi.

Assess Tires for Uneven Wears

You should always assess your tire's wear pattern for signs of uneven wear. Uneven wear can raise the risk of your tires puncturing. The best way to prevent uneven wear and avoid the dangers of driving on a flat tire is to perform proper tire rotation every six months. 

Avoid Construction Areas

Driving on construction sites with dropped nails and sharp objects can have you asking, “can I drive a flat 2 miles?” Therefore, you should avoid driving close to construction areas even if the site is closed. 

What To Do With A Flat Tire – Options You Can Try Instead of Driving

Once you get a flat tire, you have four options.

  • Keep driving with a flat tire while asking yourself, “what can driving on a flat tire do?"
  • Change your tire with a spare and drive to an auto shop for fast repair service.
  • Call a tow truck 
  • Try to fix the flat tire yourself

Calling a tow truck is the most convenient option when you have a flat-tire-no-spare situation. A tow truck may be costly, but it is the safest option to use and avoid driving on a damaged tire.

How To Fix a Flat Tire – A Step by Step DIY Guide for Drivers

You will need a plug kit for this process. Remember, this is only a temporary fix. 

Find the Leak

Inspect the flat tire to find the source of the leak. Look out for a sharp object sticking out of the tire.

Jack the Car Up

Use a wrench to loosen the lug nuts and a car jack to raise your car so you can work on the flat tire more effectively.

Clean the Hole

Get some water and clean out the hole. 

Plug the hole

Use a reamer to enlarge the hole for the plug in the flat tire. Apply adhesive while reaming, Then quickly insert the plug and wait for it to dry. 

Go To the Tire Shop 

Now you can safely drive to the tire shop for a complete tire repair service. Once you fix the punctured tire, you won't have to wonder what happens if you keep driving on a flat tire. 

A person changing a tire on the road. Learn what to do with a flat tire while driving on the road.

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Will driving on a flat tire ruin the rim? Yes, rim damage can happen due to a punctured tire. 

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