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Got a Nail in Tire? Here Are The Steps You Should Take

Creamery Tire are experts in all things tires! Our business focuses on providing quality tire repair services. In this article, we’ll discuss what you should do when you get a nail in the tire.

There will come a time when you are out driving and you notice the steel glint of the nail head embedded into the tire's thread. An unrepairable nail in tire can cause the air to escape and even damage the tire entirely. A professional tire service can help you with a nail in tire, but all car owners should know why it happens and what to do in this situation, too, just in case. 

What Are Some Reasons for Nail in Sidewall of Tire?

If you have a nail in tread of tire, then you need to make sure to fix it quickly so that it doesn't damage your tire. Here are some reasons why that can happen. 

figuring out how to get nail out of tire

Road Shoulders

The shoulders of the roadways are often home to dangers like nails, which is how you can get a nail in side of tire. This often happens if you stop or deviate from the path, even for a short time. Nails on a road's uneven shoulder don't really lie particularly level, which makes it simpler for them to pierce the tire.

Other Vehicles Kicking Up Nails

If a car ahead of you kicks up nails, they may end up in front of your tires. Maintaining a small buffer between vehicles as you drive might help to keep the car safe from these dangers. However, after being thrown up by your front tires, nails may easily make their way to your rear tires. You might get nail in sidewall of tire even if it misses the front tires. 

Driveways and Side Streets

While visiting a property that has just undergone renovation, it might be shocking to see nails in the driveways. If you reside in an area with a lot of construction, the tires may also be more susceptible to blockages.

Signs You Are Driving with Nail in Tire

Driving with a nail stuck in the tire can be dangerous and even damage your tires further. You might not even realize you are driving with nail in tire, so you should learn about the signs:

Persistent Low Tire Pressure

This is the most evident sign that a tire has been punctured. As tires typically lose air with time, it is perfectly fine to experience low tire pressure periodically. This is particularly true during the winter when the tires' internal air pressure is compressed. Nevertheless, if you inflate the tire and discover that the low tire pressure indicator immediately flashes again, you might be dealing with a big nail in tire. 

Visual Examination

It is smart to sometimes give the tires a brief check. You may identify tire obstacles, uneven tire wear, poor tread depth, and low tire pressure with routine visual inspections. You may save on costly car repairs and road safety dangers by identifying these problems early. When regularly examining your tires, be on the lookout for tire punctures and low tire pressure to ensure you’re not driving with a nail in tire.

Professional Advice

When doing routine maintenance on your automobile, our technicians often pay close attention to the tire. They can quickly identify problems because of their experience and attention to detail, including tire punctures.

The Soap Test

How can you verify suspicions if you believe there is a nail in the tire sidewall or tread? Spray a good quantity of soapy water on the problematic tire. The nail should start to create bubbles in the liquid as it releases air from the tire.

Nail in Tire? What to Do to Prevent Further Damage

If you have just googled, "can I drive with a nail in my tire?", the answer is a resounding no! It can damage your rubber tire further and cause an accident. You should stop immediately and complete the following steps. 

Check the Tire Pressure 

If there's a nail in the tire, it's essential to check the air pressure to make sure no air is escaping the tire quickly. Set the spare tire in place as soon as possible if the tire pressure is low until an expert can fix or change it. Pump the tire with air if the pressure is just a little low, then go to the mechanic to get it repaired correctly.

Fix the Tire

If you want to know how to fix nail in tire, the truth is that you should just leave it to the professionals. 

When you take it into a repair facility, the tire will be examined entirely after being demounted. If the damage is just a tiny hole in the tire's tread region, the nail would be removed and the hole patched up with a seal and patch. The tire will be patched from the inside while the hole will be sealed from the outside by the repair company. You won't have to spend much money or time on it.

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Pro Tip: It's preferable to have an expert handle this. Snow, precipitation, and moisture may enter the tire and cause the steel belts to rust.

Replace the Tire

Nail in tire? What to do in such a situation depends on the extent of the damage. In rare circumstances, a plug/patch combo won't work, necessitating the complete tire replacement. This occurs if the hole is too big (1/4 inch in diameter) or if the shoulder or sidewall of the tire cannot be patched. It is advisable to replace the tire instead of just fixing it since doing so might cause damage to the tire, causing it to blow out, and increase your costs if you are involved in an accident.

If a tire is fixed poorly, it might be fatal in terms of personal safety and the safety of other cars on the road. If a nail harms the tire, removing it correctly by a professional is crucial if you want to continue enjoying the journey.

Call Experts to Repair Nail in Tire 

If you have a nail in car tire, it is prudent to get it fixed as soon as you can. If you don't, it can further damage the tire and even impact how safe you are on the road. Creamery Tire can repair the nail in your tire. We have a team of professionals who can safely repair it or provide a replacement if necessary. No car is unfixable for us!

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