Prime-quality winter tires in the snow; however using winter tires in summer can be problematic

Summer, Winter, or All-Season Tires: Which Ones Should You Get?

Before you buy tires for your ride, you need to learn how to make a smart choice. In many cases, all-season tires emerge as the best options. But is it? Let’s find out in this article.

All car owners want the best all-weather performance from their tires so they can drive around in peace regardless of what’s going on outside. Snow, for instance, makes the roads slick, making it very risky to drive unless you have the best all-season tires from a premium tire service company. Most people prefer all-season tires as they offer excellent performance in varied environmental settings, but only the best all-weather tires can deliver consistent performance on chilly or scorched roads. In this article, we’ll discuss all the benefits and possible disadvantages of summer, winter, and all-weather tires.

What Are the Different Types of Tires?

Before we dive straight into the discussion about all-weather tires vs all-season tires, let’s first explore all the options individually. All types of tires are good for certain environmental conditions.

A close-up photo of the best all-season tires by Creamery Tire Inc equipped on a customer’s car

Here are the most common tire types:

What Are All-Season Tires?

As the name lets on, all-season tires are suitable for both hot and cold conditions, although not specifically made for either in mind. The idea is to offer a fairly consistent performance for general users, i.e., as opposed to what would happen if they were to use summer tires in winter. You can call them all-rounder performers.

What Are Summer and Winter Tires?

When discussing summer vs all-season tires, it is important to understand that one is not necessarily better than the other, even if it seems that all-season tires are more versatile. Summer tires are superior in their own sense in that they are made specifically to tread over scorched summer roads and won't shy away from offering the best grip under such conditions. On the other hand, winter tires are more or less designed to avoid the problems of icy winter roads.

If you were wondering “can you drive winter tires in the summer,” the answer is no since both summer and winter tires are specifically designed for their respective seasons. Simply put, using winter tires in summer is not recommended, at all. 

What Are All-Weather Tires?

Furthering our discussion on the kinds of tires, we have reached the all-weather tires section. The major difference lies in the scope of use of these tires when compared to all-season tires. All-weather tires can also conquer elements like rain, slush, slipperiness, and so on when treading on the road.

What Is the Key Difference Between All Weather and All-Season Tires?

And now, let’s compare the two most versatile options you have left. Your choice of tires should be informed by the major difference between all-weather and all-season tires. The former are more versatile and are supposed to withstand environmental and weather extremes, unlike all-season tires, which are simply meant to offer consistent but general performance.

For areas where it rains frequently, all-weather tires will be a better choice.

Also, in case you were wondering how to tell if you have all-season tires, these tires usually have M+S written on their sidewalls. 

What Tires Do I Need for My Car?

Now, to the more important question at hand: what tires do I need?

A high-res image of slightly muddied but still the best all-weather tires equipped on a car

Well, that depends on the conditions you want to be prepared for – if you live and drive somewhere where there are generally arid and hot conditions, summer tires would be the ideal choice. Winter tires obviously work better in chilly areas. On the other hand, all-season and all-weather tires offer versatile performance, though the latter does so better than the former.

Creamery Tire Inc Offers All Types of Car Tires

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