Studded winter tires will be the best-buy modification for your car for your winter ski trip

What Are Studded Tires & Do You Need Them?

So, how to know when to replace tires? This article provides you with in-depth insight into tires, and different signs to consider before making an educated decision. Read on to find out.

Not all tires are the same; their outward appearance says much about their functionality, and you'll need a versatile tire service to address the needs of the road. Your ordinary summer tires won't fare well against the extremes of the winter road. This is where you need studded snow tires to maintain perfect traction over icy surfaces.

Studded winter tires will be the best-buy modification for your car for your winter ski trip since the route will be laden with slippery ice. Snow tire studs offer perfect grip on such roads, far superior to what the regular tires can do in these environmental extremes.

This article will give you a comprehensive overlay of what are tire studs and what the best-studded snow tires have to offer in terms of features.

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How Do Studded Tires Work?

Wonder no more about how do studded tires work.

The underlying mechanism is quite simple: snow tires with spikes use the installed spikes (sold separately) to increase traction on the icy surface by “biting” into the surface. Wondering how long do studded tires last? As with all winter tires, their lifespan is relatively short, but they do outperform competitors when driven on an ice-laden route, in extreme winters, with a moderate speed.

Wear and tear of a tire; how long do car tires last?

The studs increase the contact area with icy roads, but this "biting" may necessitate repair or replacement much sooner than a regular tire driving on a regular road.

This is not to the discredit of the tires – winters are cruel!

Hopefully, this answers “what are studded tires.”

Studded Tires VS. Studless Tires: What Is The Difference?

Why do we have two tires then?

The simple answer is performance.

Do studded tires work?

You betcha!

You can brush through any honest comparison between the tire performance of regular products and snow-studded ones for the winter road. But it ends there; studded tires are noisy and don't do that effect on non-icy roads.

This is where studless tires take the lead.

Just pick and choose based on your needs for the road.

An ice-covered regular tire; do studded tires work?


While studless tires are seen as less noisy alternatives to studded ones, are they just as good in terms of performance on icy roads?

Most would say “no” to this.

However, if you’re going with the former option, you’ll have to figure out when are studded tires worn out, or when do studded tires have to be off. You can find any number of online resources for this. Just keep up with your regular inspection routines, and you should be fine.

What States Allow Studded Tire Usage?

Googling stuff like "why are studded tires illegal in my state,” or “what states allow studded?" Wonder no more, this table will address your queries:

the table showing the list of states where Studded Tire is allowed

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