Worn out tires will tell you when is the best time to buy tires?

What Is the Best Time to Buy Tires & How Long Do Tires Last?

A car owner should make sure that their ride is properly maintained. This includes replacing the tires, so it pays to know the best time to buy tires. Creamery Tire can help!

Many drivers don’t think about the best time to buy tires until they have to turn to reliable tire service urgently. Tires are the most critical point of contact between your car and the road. Aspects like grip, tread, rolling resistance, diameter/size, and wear have a significant influence on the overall handling and performance of the tires, especially in wet or winter conditions.

But, as per expert recommendation, what is the best time of year to buy tires?

How Long Do Tires Last in General?

The lifespan and mileage of tires depend on design, climate, road conditions, safe usage, and maintenance. It is essential to have your tires checked and serviced every year by professionals. Usually, standard/good tires can serve you for 60,000 to 75,000 miles, or around 5 years.

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Now, onto the main question: when is the best time to buy tires?

When to Buy New Tires? Important Tips

It can be hard to decide when to buy new tires, but we hope that these factors/strategies can help you plan your strategy for buying tires:

Penny Test

How often should you buy new tires? This is a fairly simple test that can tell you if you need new tires. For the penny test, put a penny headfirst into a groove to see how deep the grooves are. If you can see the head of Abe on your penny, the grooves are shallow, necessitating prompt replacement.

Quarter Test

This is pretty much the same thing, only with a quarter instead of a penny to see when to go ahead for buying new tires.

Tread Wear Indicator

An essential factor that determines how to buy new tires, and when, is the performance and condition of your current set. Be sure to replace the tires before they're completely worn; look for “when do tires go on sale” on Google. Also, pay attention to the information listed in the product description. Driving on bald tires can be dangerous, especially on wet and slippery roads. The best time to buy new tires is before you need them.

Here are a few reasons you should replace the tires before they’re worn:

  • Low tread tires have higher risks of getting punctured
  • Worn-down tires lose air pressure affecting the steering, braking, and fuel economy
  • Bald tires make it difficult to drive in snow and ice
  • There's an increased risk of hydroplaning and reduced road grip

Tire Manufacturing Date/Expiration Date

The tires consist of rubber and, therefore, have an expiration date. They become dry, develop cracks, and eventually split after reaching the due date. Make sure that you get new tires immediately when the expiration date comes.

This is the most balanced answer to those asking “when should I buy new tires?”

Driving with expired tires can be dangerous. It can result in burst tires, causing severe accidents when you’re on the road.

You can ask the manufacturer regarding the expiration date of your tires or check the code on the side of the tires; this will be the best month to buy tires.

Distributor Offers

Also, you should shop for new tires from a reliable distributor, at the best time of year for tire discounts, as this affects the overall cost and quality of your new tires. Creamery Tire offers exceptional quality and performance for each product, and we’ll keep you up to date about the best time to buy car tires.

Tire Type

The best time of year to buy new tires also depends on the type of tire you want. If you’re looking for seasonal tires, the best bet is to shop in the off-season. The summer tires go on sale in the spring, while winter and snow tires generally come with discounts near the end of the year; hopefully, this answers “what is the best month to buy tires?”

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The lower demand during the off-season means that your desired tires are more likely to be priced more affordably. People looking for all-season tires may not benefit from a price fluctuation in the off-season.

We Can Help You Figure Out the Best Time to Buy New Tires

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