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When To Replace Tires? Learn All The Signs Before It’s Too Late

So, how to know when to replace tires? This article provides you with in-depth insight into tires, and different signs to consider before making an educated decision. Read on to find out.

There are a lot of drivers who think that you don’t need to change tires unless they show obvious signs of wear and tear on the outside or directly affect the driving experience. Tires are one of the essential parts of the car suspension system – it’s what connects your car to the surface of the road. Without proper service and regular wheel alignment, your tires could suffer a blowout of a flat. Unfortunately, most people ignore the obvious signs telling them when to replace tires. In this article, you will learn all you need to know about those signs and what to do next.  

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When To Get New Tires?

One of the most commonly asked questions about vehicle tires is, “How often to replace tires?” There are two major things to consider when deciding if you should switch out your tires. These are wear and age. These two factors also help you understand when to replace all-terrain tires so you can travel in peace.

Tire Wear

All tires eventually start to wear out. Don’t worry: this means you probably got the most out of them. Look out for how your tires wear, as they can indicate issues with your alignment or pressure in your tires. The tread of your tires should wear evenly around the whole tire, on the inside or outside parts. It doesn’t matter how good you are at driving, your tires are bound to wear. Keep an eye out for visible signs so that you know when to get new tires.

Tire Age

Everything undergoes changes over time, and tires are no exception. The rubber can start to change its structure and makeup over time. This is caused by different things such as environmental damage, storage conditions, and how much the car is used. Another factor that can affect the condition of your tires is how long they have been sitting without any use.

How To Know When To Replace Tires

Have you ever wondered, “How long do car tires last?” There are many ways to know when your tires need to be replaced. So, how to tell if you need new tires? The ideal way to see if you need a tire replacement or not is to get a professional to come and take a look at it. If it’s not possible for now, below we listed some ways to detect signs of wear and tear:

Tread Wear

The depth of a tire’s tread is measured through something called 32nds of an inch. You will see tread material from 9/32 to 11/32 inches in a new tire. It is considered unsafe when the tire is worn out to 2/32 inches. Experts also recommend the penny test to check that your tire’s tread is in good shape. The penny test, on the whole, is not an exact science, but we highly recommend and encourage you to try it if you want to know how long should tires last. 

Bulges And Bubbles

So, how to tell if you need new tires? Ever spotted a mysterious bulge on the side of a tire? This can usually indicate that the internal frame of your tire (the rigid one) has some form of damage. This is most likely caused by air pressure. You have to get your tires replaced immediately if you spot these anywhere, even if the tread seems fine.


Are you wondering, “When do I need new tires?” Do you feel an unusual vibration on your steering wheel when you’re driving? This might be a sign that your tires have worn down over time unevenly. This can cause your car to be slightly off-balance and greatly hinder the driving experience. Poor suspension alignment could also be a reason that your car is vibrating. It is best to get a professional to come and take a look at your car and figure out the cause of the vibration. 

Sidewall Cracks

How to know when to replace tires? As your tires age, it is common for them to develop cracks and creases on the side. All tires undergo this cracking process when exposed to harsh conditions. The rubber degrades over time. This is a natural process. Cracks can also appear if the tire is not in use and is not stored in an ideal location. 

The most common causes of cracking are prolonged exposure to sunlight, heat, ozone exposure, and road surfactants. Your tires can also suffer cuts as they come in hard contact with something sharp like a jagged rock or a strong piece of glass. Knowing when to get new tires requires responsible drivers to identify early signs and warnings so that they don’t have to deal with the disastrous consequences of driving with cracked tires.

Embedded Nails Or Stones

How often should you replace tires? If there is something lodged in the grooves of your tires, you must act fast to take it out. There might not be a huge hole or even any kind of leaking, but it can lead to a difficult situation in the future. And you don’t want anything to happen to your car when you’re in an emergency. Ignoring a nail or a sharp rock can affect the driver adversely. If you find a lot of tiny pieces of gravel in your tire, it is time to get a replacement.

A hole caused by a rogue nail can also cause moisture to leak in. This may reduce the life of your car if rust develops on steel parts. Small rocks can also speed up the deterioration process, increasing the chances of a dangerous blowout. 

Visible Damage

If you see that the wear pattern is not even throughout, it might be due to misalignment of your wheels, improper measurement of pressure in inflation, a timely tire rotation/replacement. It could even be all of the above. If you notice any of these signs, that’s when to replace snow tires as driving around during the winter season with damaged tires is especially dangerous. 

Valve Cap Damage

If the valve caps of your vehicle are not tightened properly, they will continue to unscrew as you drive. On the other hand, if they are done up too tightly, the threads of the screw might get permanent stripes. If your valve caps have suffered damage, your vehicle runs the risk of being attacked by moisture, dirt, and debris. This will speed up the time if you are wondering when to get new tires.

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