Why Do You Need Wheel Alignment Services?

Creamery Tire is a team of professionals who are passionate about cars and specialize in wheel alignment, service and installation, and where you will always find the best service and helpful advice.

When was the last time you checked the wheel alignment of your 4 wheel truck or city car? It may not seem important, but this relatively simple and accessible wheel service influences how your vehicle behaves on the road. It also impacts the amount of wear and tear it sees, and neglecting it could shorten your tires’ lifespan significantly.  

Therefore, you should find a reliable wheel alignment services shop and have your alignment checked and, if necessary, adjusted. It won’t take long, and the cost is minimal compared to replacing your tires from premature wear. The procedure for front and rear wheel alignment involves adjusting your vehicle’s suspension system. Its angles often need correction to ensure four wheel alignment for precise steering and proper contact with the road. When that happens, several tell-tale signs can be noticed.  

Signs that You Should be Looking for a Wheel Alignment Shop

You can be sure that you need an alignment shop to center each wheel on your car when you notice:  

  • Uneven wear of the tread 
  • Car pulling to one side  
  • Off-centered steering wheel when you drive straight 
  • Steering wheel vibrations 

If the misalignment is serious, it can go as far as negatively impacting your ability to control the vehicle, especially on slippery roads. Why take chances and jeopardize your safety and your vehicle’s integrity when you’ve already found the best wheel alignment shop near you?   

Our specialist will handle the four truck wheels in the shortest time. As for the car wheel alignment cost, our prices are fair and do not contain any hidden fees. We never try to upsell other products or services, apart from steering wheel alignment on your auto, if there are no other issues.

Get the Best Wheel Alignment Cost and Professional Service!

At Creamery Tire, we will gladly check your tires and suspension, align them if necessary, and make sure that your vehicle performs at its best on any road. And while benefiting from our service does not require an appointment. The repair cost for your wheels can vary from 50$ up to 150$, so you can call us at 610-489-2122 if you have questions or need a wheel alignment cost estimate for commercial or personal car. We have no hidden fees and do not try to “upsell” or add fees of any type of repair services.

(Alignments in our Creamery and Chalfont locations provided by a 3rd party)

Last Chance Auto provides our alignment service, and can also do all your car maintenance.

We give qualified services all over Collegeville, PA, and also provide car wheel alignment services nearby to:  

  • Chalfont 
  • Norristown 
  • Phoenixville 
  • Trappe 
  • Doylestown 
  • Kimberton.

Just stop by and let us show you the Creamery Tire difference! Give us a call at 610-489-2122 right now!


Fantastic service and knowledge from the staff at Creamery Tire. I was able to get great tires at a great price and will highly recommend them!


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Awesome service. In and out in 30 minutes. Thanks to Mike and team for a great experience. Plus I got quality tires at a reasonable price.

Thomas R Rabbe

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I’d give 10 stars if I could. The Creamery Tire crew is hard working, smart, fast and honest. I’ll never get my tires anywhere else. Love these guys!

John Forde

Everyone I know in the region buys their tires at Creamery Tires. Creamery offers great prices, trusted expertise, and quick service. During my last visit, I noticed that every single employee was especially cheerful and welcoming. They...


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