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Why Tire Balancing is Necessary

Creamery Tire is among the leading tire repair shops in Creamery, PA; Chalfont, PA and surrounding areas. All our tire installations, balancing, and repairs are done by highly qualified technicians using high-quality equipment.

Tire imbalance can be a result of different things including normal manufacturing imperfections and everyday wear. It is good to understand that wheels and tires don’t have precise equal weight distribution and that they’ll be a bit heavier in some areas. You will need tire service from time to time. 

Tire balancing is meant to tune-up your wheel-tire set to make sure that the weight is equally distributed around the entire circumference of the unit. The most common signs of tire imbalance are uneven tread wear, poor fuel economy, and vibration in the steering wheel or floor which gets worse as speed increases.

Tire balancing also brings about ride comfort: Tires that are not balanced will hop up and down or wobble, which causes vibration.

We Are Your Tire Balancing Service Providers in Creamery, Phoenixville and Chalfont, PA

At Creamery Tire, we offer some of the best tire balancing services. Imbalanced tires are easily corrected using a computerized wheel balancer. Using the information received from the computerized wheel balancing machine, our experienced team will apply small weights, just fractions of ounces, to the specified areas to reduce vibrations and help the unit to roll more smoothly.

With the best tire balancing, you will be able to enjoy longer-lasting tires, greater control, and an overall smoother ride. Tire balancing service should be done after every repair, to offset the subtle weight difference brought about by the patch. For normal use, it’s advisable to perform tire balancing service every 6,000 to 8,000 miles.

No More Looking for “Tire Balancing Near Me”

It’s time to stop looking for “tire balancing near me” and seek the services of Creamery Tire. Call us today or visit one of our shops for professional tire balancing services. We service Creamery, Chalfont, Norristown, Phoenixville, Trappe, Doyelstown, and Kimberton, PA.


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