routine tire inspection for your vehicle to be in good condition

Professional Tire Inspection: When Do You Need It?

Routine tire inspection is important to make sure that the tires on your vehicle are in good condition and safe for travel. Inspections must be performed once every month or so.

The tires on your car are one of its most important components. The smooth functioning of the tires is what ensures a comfortable ride. You can conduct a tire inspection on your own. Alternatively, you may have them inspected by technicians at a professional tire store. Typically, tire inspection costs are added as complementary tire service.

Here are some key areas to consider when inspecting your tires:

  • Check the tire pressure: Use a gauge or air compressor to measure the pressure to make sure tires are suitably inflated.
  • Measure tread wear with the penny test: Insert a penny into the tire’s tread. If the tread touches Lincoln’s head, it’s in a healthy condition. If not, you may need a tire replacement.
  • Look for cracks and bulges: Any visible cracks or bulges may hint that a tire is damaged or weak. Also, see if the tire has any irregular wear which could indicate alignment issues.

The Importance of Tire Inspection

Tires can make or break a journey. Poor tire conditions cause the tire rubber and tread to deteriorate quickly. This affects tire grip and performance. If the car’s tires are in poor condition, they may fail while you are driving on a highway. In most cases, this will lead to untimely delays and hassle by the roadside in blistering summers. In the worst cases, this can also lead to dangerous accidents. 

All of this can be avoided by performing a tire inspection on a regular basis. At Creamery Tire there are no tire inspection costs, we do this free of charge,so you can have your tires inspected professionally any time you like.

Why Our Tire Inspection Services?

Unlike many other auto shops, Creamery Tire offers you appointment-free services. You can drive to our shop at any time, no appointment needed, and we will conduct tire inspection for you. There is no charge for our tire inspection service. 

With our three shops located in Chalfont, PA, East Norriton, PA, and Collegeville, PA, we are able to serve the following areas:

  • Chalfont, PA 
  • Doylestown, PA 
  • Collegeville, PA 
  • Norristown, PA 
  • Phoenixville, PA 
  • Trappe, PA 
  • Kimberton, PA 

So if you live at any of these locations, contact us today for a professional tire inspection. Call us at 610-489-2122 for inquiries or consultations.

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